Visual Tips V5 not working

Hello, The videos on my Visual Tips V.5 USB no longer play. I get the error message This Plug-in isnt supported. This has happened since Microsoft Edge was updated in Windows 10. Is there anything I can do?

does setting your browser to chrome or Firefox help?

thanks ,I wouldnt know. Ive only got Windows 10 with Edge? and now It doesnt work.

you can download chrome and firefox for free… try that?

I could but if Rhino doesnt work with Windows10 its useless.

it works fine with win 10…we have thousands and thousands of customers using it no problem.

edge has security features built in that are super aggressive and can be an issue depending on your personal set up since we can’t possibly test every set up our customers may have All I can do is point you to a known fix which is change browsers.

try chrome or firefox and you will be fine.

If not we need to dig deeper and find out what is going on with your particular machine.

Thanks Kyle, I appreciate your input. I reread my last reply and should have worded it better. What I meant was it was no use to me rather than in general, although I can use CAD Im not an IT expert so I just need it to work with what Ive got which is pretty standard these days. To dig deeper it was working fine with my Windows 10 and standard Windows Edge up until the last Edge upgrade which was forced on me through windows update after which it would no longer work. It is only the individual Visual tips (USB) videos which wont play. The autoplay still starts and displays the contents or index of all the chapters with live links at the top of each chapter but when I click on the sub content link to play an individual tutorial I get the error message within the play window " This plug-in isnt supported". I wondered if others have experienced the same problem and there was a work around. My Rhino5 CAD still works fine.

No worries Graham no offense take at all…,

That said, I don’t quite know how to word this differently…

download chrome or firefox, set it to be your default browser and the visual tips will work fine. (unless you have a firewall setting that is preventing it completely)

Edge has some security stuff in it that Microsoft won’t let you modify and it wreaks havoc with streaming players in some instances (apparently ours included)

V5 was written a long time ago now and the only fix is to not use edge. (for instance I cannot stream video here on my copy of edge from comcast for some reason, but it works fine on chrome and firefox)

v6 and v7 should not have this issue.

best regards

The new Edge browser is built off of Chromium. Once installed it replaces the default edge browser. Might be worth a try.

Its since I had the new Edge browser forced on me that V5 stopped working.