Visual Studio not working after upgrade to Rhino 7

Hi there

I worked on my custom component for GH in Visual Studio using Grasshopper template. I upgraded my Rhino to v7 two days ago and my whole Visual Studio is broken :smiley: Namespaces not found. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am new user of Visual Studio and still learning how to use it: how to fix the issue to continue the development of my component in Rhino 7? I already reinstalled the VS plugin with no effect. Maybe change some missing links? But where?

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You need to go to your references and find the new location.

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Works like a charm :smiley: it’s good to know, thanks, @christopher.ho


Is it possible to change the default rhino command associated to the debug mode?

double click on properties and you can change the rhino file being referenced.

It works!
Thank you very much.