Visual Modifiers


Is it possible to change the length of a beam so inprove the visual output without effecting the analysis to better represent a joint?


sounds easy enough with nuscale, but without an attached example file it’s pretty impossible to understand specifics enough to give an exact answer.

If you want to modify the display:

Hi @mwh,

following the reply from @christopher.ho, you can use the Mesh output from the BeamView and simply scale the mesh in one direction just for your images

So, have a beam to column connections around my frame but I want to show a small gap between the beam and the column to represent where a damping connetion would be. Ill need to be able to scale the mesh of only the beams from both ends to show this. Is it possible to select only the beams from their Id?

Sorry I cant send the file.

I have replied to matthew, if you could help that would be great!



You can use the disassemble model and then disassemble element to get the names. Then filter the lines using the names to get only the beams.


Sure, but my mistake, I failed to notice the karamba plugin tab, which I have no experience with. -Jay

You can plug the IDs into the Model View component to visualise only these Element IDs. Please see