Visual hull : marine nest, cnc, bom, packing, and workshop docs

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Pricing : Free for edu / 1750 € for commercial licenses

Training on remote : Available, contact us via email

Visual Hull stands as a testament to our commitment to simplifying and expediting the shipbuilding process. This software, available for free, is a game-changer, automating and streamlining the creation of 3D models and drafts for ship and yacht blocks. Its core functionality enables the seamless generation of top-notch CNC cutting outlines, precise nesting of components, and smart packaging within these nests.

What truly sets Visual Hull apart is its cutting-edge Remote Database. Beyond merely storing data, this intelligent repository calculates vital parameters including Center of Gravity (COG), Weight, Stiffener Length, and Object Type (Fb, Hp, Plate, and more). This automated treasure trove of information ensures accuracy and empowers your design process.

Furthermore, Visual Hull is your partner in complex tasks. It effortlessly handles curvature calculations essential for bending shell plating. The software boasts an arsenal of over 60 automated commands that simplify tasks, elevate efficiency, and boost creativity.

To facilitate your interaction with Visual Hull, ShipDesigner, the accompanying plugin, elevates your experience with over 80commands.

As we believe in a transparent and robust system, Visual Hull offers comprehensive output information.

Visual Hull is not just software; it’s a testament to innovation, efficiency, and excellence. It encapsulates the vision and dedication of ShipDesign S.R.L. in revolutionizing shipbuilding processes. Join us as we pave the way for the future of ship design and construction.

For more information, reach out to us at Visual Hull – where precision meets simplicity -

We also offer lessons to teach you how to develop blocks in no time and generate all the workshop documentation using VisualHull

Quick overview :

Youtube summary :

Weight and Lengths automated calculations : Min 0-3

Nesting and Packing : Min 3-5

Automated 2d Drafting : min 5-8

Bom export : min 9 - 11

Changelog :
-Pushed to yak
-Added basic documentation

Two suggestions:

  1. one of the screenshots on Food4Rhino says “Stiffner Requirements”. Stiffener. (rest of text seems like English)
  2. The screenshot the Youtube video took contains a string of text messages saying that a change was detected and your product ‘doesn’t like it very much’. This makes it seem like something in the demo is malfunctioning.
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Thanks for catching those issues. Here’s the plan:

  1. Typo in Food4Rhino Screenshot:
    Will fix the “Stiffner” typo to “Stiffener”. PR should be up soon.
  2. YouTube Video Alert:
    The “change detected” message is misleading. We’ll either edit the video or add a clarification.

Expect these to be sorted in the next update cycle.


Changelog :

Added article documentation better explaining the capabilities for a few commands

  1. Marine nesting from solid objects (parts) and double curvated shell plating expansion/unroll : Visual Hull Software: Ultimate Workshop Documentation & Nesting Tool

  2. Automated dimensioning and marine drafting all in Rhino : Visual Hull Software: Ultimate Workshop Documentation & Nesting Tool

  3. Inverse bending curve for curved or double curved stiffners : Visual Hull Software: Ultimate Workshop Documentation & Nesting Tool

Changelog :

  • Pushed website update.
  • Will move the blogs and tutorials to a subdomain specific for documentation
  • You can now view 3d models developed in Rhino directly in your website dashboard and share them with anyone, the 3d models are viewable onsite without requiring a Rhino client

Changelog :

  • Improved NEST PACKING ALGORITHM - free space reduces as low as 1.5%, to ensure that the CNC cutting process wasted the least amount of materials possible reducing Co2 emissions and saving money on materials!