Visual Glitch

Just want to ask of McNeel position regarding a glitch I’ve been experiencing for years. I highly doubt I’m the only one who sees it, yet, I haven’t seen improvements to it at all.

It’s about when you’re editing control points in Wireframe mode. More often than not after grabbing a point or after selecting it to edit via the gumball, the whole model “turns off” like someone closes the blend of the camera or something. To get it all back you need to zoom out a lot.

It is really annoying, to say the least and also it slows down work that is time consuming even without this glitch.

I’ve experienced this on many machines with NVidia video cards (in case this is relevant)

Also, if relevant, I’ve experienced this in Rhino5, Rhino6 and Rhino7 (WIP).

i never noticed on mac at least. just as a thought, did you ex/import preferences on all these computers or are they set up fresh?

I always import my configurations.
But that’s a thing that comes and goes while you edit the control points.

I’ll create a video

A few things before I get remarks from Non-Naval Architects.

  1. Yes, I know it’s far from the origin. This is how you work on ships.
  2. Yes, it’s a huge model and the unit is mm. This is how it is with ships.
  3. I’m zooming closely to the point. Yes, I need precise movements, sometimes a translation of a point to less than a mm, can create huge deviation in Hydrostatics of a ship (given the number of control points, which best be as fewer as possible) also this is a hull model created just to show the issue. The control points in some areas may be very close to each other and zooming closely is the only way you can work.

Hello - when zooming in close to control points in a large scene, try switching to a parallel projection for more predictable navigation and display.


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Thanks for the suggestion @pascal, unfortunately when using this mode + Space Mouse the handling of the model is completely off. When you try to rotate the model the space mouse sets a center of rotation that is not on the actual model but a few “meters” away, so slight motion of the 3d mouse and I can’t see the point I’m trying to edit.

Another very often glitch cause by parallel + 3D Space Mouse is the flipping of the Z axis