Visual C++ creating first plugin error


I followed the tutorial creating first plugin in C++

and when I build and install the plugin called Test in Rhino, it does nothing

Could anyone suggest why it does not work. I was expecting to see
“The Test command is under construction” message

Thank you.

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The first time you need to register the plugin with rhino. Find the .rhp file that was compiled and drag it onto the rhino program window. Then rhino knows where to find your plugin, and you should be able to run you test command. If you close rhino normally, the locating of the plugin is saved in the Windows registry, and rhino will find your plugin automatically the next time.

Hello Menno,

Thanks for your reply. I did register the plugin with rhino by doing what you suggest, but before I was going through
Tools > Options > Plug-ins
and then installing the plugins. In fact in
Help > Plug-ins > Test
does appear but I get the same error message as before:

Rhino debugging error dialogs enabled. Use the “TestErrorCheck” command to adjust settings.

I do not really understand why this is happening. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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Ah, ok. What you see is not related to your plugin, it’s just messages. You need to run the command by typing its name in the command line.

Thank you Menno, that helped and it works now.

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Sir, I face the same problem my Test did not apear on the Rhino tool option and i could not install it.

Hi @GHumera,

We will need more information to be of any help.

  • What version of Rhino are you using?
  • What version of Visual Studio to you have?
  • What error message are you getting?
  • Any other details?


– Dale