Visual arq slabs disappear when printing a layout

I like how my plans look in rendered view with skylight. I was pleased when the detail view on layout seemed to reproduce the view quite accurately. After printing the layout though the slabs of my building seemed nonexistent or transparent. Does anyone know why this happened? As a workaround I can ofcourse use ViewCaptureToFile, but it wont give me the exact scale as the layout would do.

First pic shows what my layout looks like in Rhino and the second is the printed pdf

Hi @ehta.mikko
First of all, make sure the layers where the slabs are located don’t have the Print width set as “no print”.
What Rhino and VisualARQ versions are you using?
Are you printing it as raster or vector output?
Can you share that model so we can test this in our machines?
Attach it here or send it to

Hi Francesc

My print width is set as default which I’ve then set to 0.13 mm and I’ve printed it in raster. My VA version is and Rhino 7.3.21053.23031. I sent the file by email.

Hi Ehta,
I close this Topic since you mentioned by email this problem does not happen anymore. If it did, please let me know it.