Visual ARQ Annotation Component Model vs Plan Visibility

I’m finally getting the hang of creating annotation components. I’m starting to get good results, except I’m stuck on one last feature: Model vs Plan Geometry. Now, I have a feeling that these features are intended more for other component types (it would represent a door swing well for example).
I’ve read the tutorial which states:

  • Plan: the object representation in plan view. Only visible when the Cut Plane of the level where the object is placed is enabled and intersects the element.

Now… I haven’t dabbled much into other components. To me it seems that an annotation object would rarely intersect the cut plane. I did a test and changed all my annotation’s geometry to “plan”, which resulted in the annotation being completely invisible when placed (and in preview when making the style).

If this is just a “residual” setting that would be far to hard to delete just for one component type, I totally get that. What I’m hoping for however is a solution to this:

I want my annotation components to look as they do in the model:


Is there a way to achieve that? Not that I’m not married to the font if that’s part of the issue. I would really like the hatch to carry over to the plan view however. And a “filled” font.

Hi @keithscadservices the Annotation object is meant to be a 2D object that has the same representation in 3D views as in 2D Plan views. As you well insinuate, the fact that it shows the option to assign each component to the “Model” and “Plan view” representation, can be confusing.

You nailed it. Until we don’t adapt the “Annotation” object to its special feature, just assign everything to the “Model” representation, and forget about the “Plan” representation for Annotation objects.

Is that a 2D Plan view object? I’m afraid that solid hatches on annotation objects don’t appear in 2D plan views. They appear only in Plan views of the 3D model in real-time. So you can try to print that (using the Hidden display mode) instead of creating a 2D plan view.

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Thanks Francesc! And as I recall, the hidden mode will support vector output. So that is a workable solution for sure.

While I slept I thought of a “hack” to try at a later date: Having a vertical line extending up from the annotation so that it is theoretically “cut” by the plan view, and therefore the “plan” geometry will appear as intended.

Edit: Gave it a try and it didn’t work (extending a vertical line from the annotation through the plan’s cut plane)… just sharing so nobody else spends their time. The solution above will work just fine so that’s what I’ll do :slight_smile: