Visual arc not using for big projects

visual arc not using for big projects like the big building for example big hospital ? this is real ?? because its slow

You might want to clarify. I’m personally not a VisualArc user but do work on large projects that have various slowness about them, most typically in display if everything is on. Do you use worksets, blocks etc? High Res Geometry, Perforations?

yes. i am useing worksets, blocks ) very slow maybe becuose i am using blocks 3d with view 2d on the plan

Hi Jon,
VisualARQ can handle projects of any size, as long as Rhino can handle them too. The level of detail you put into the model (and of course your PC capabilities) will determine the performance speed.
However ,there are some tricks to improve the performance speed. For example, use the Wireframe or Shaded display modes, avoid using shadows or manage your model by layers so you can hide everything you don’t need to see while you are modelling.