Visibility of objects in details based on snapshots

Hi McNeel and all
Creating drafting for an arch. project, we just talked about how very nice it would be, if you could base the visibility of objects/layers in a detail from the information in a snapshot. It this already possible or has someone scripted such a tool? It would save an awful lot of “HideInDetail”, “ShowInDetail”, “HideLayerInDetail” and “ShowLayerInDetail”.
TIA, Jakob

Hi Jakob - we have two open issues related to snapshots and details. The one is a bug (RH-49402) and the other sounds more like what you have in mind (RH-40608). There isn’t any information in the latter but a bit more in the thread that it links to.

Could you guide us through the workflow that you see here? Wouldn’t you have to use just as much HideInDetail, ShowInDetail, HideLayerInDetail, and ShowLayerInDetail to be able to get to a state that you want to take the snapshot of? And then handling those snapshots would require quite some more administration on top of that?

Hi @wim
True that the amount of work would more or less be the same, but the snapshots would often already be in place, as we use them as a part of our daily routine in managing file overview. As an example: We are designing a hotel interior (4-5 select rooms, foyer, restaurant, bar, rooftop terrace), all based on an IFC file (currently imported via ArchiCAD, but we are looking in to using Visual ARQ instead). The interior consists of a lot of of-the-shelves objects and furniture, but also a few original designs, eg. the bar, some seating arrangements etc. We’ll eventually have to deliver traditional plans of the whole thing, but also more detailed work drawings (for carpenters) of some of the custom stuff. We’d love to keep all of the documentation in one file to make sure it’s all updated, and since we use snapshots during work on the file (so we will probably already have a snapshot called “bar”, “master suite” etc. I know that this could all be made a lot easier on our part of we used blocks for the individual assemblies, but this has - so far - proved to much of a hazzle to manage. We should probably give it a another try :upside_down_face:
Thanks for you reply!

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