Visibility of knots in curves and knot isolines on surfaces

Hi, is there a way to make the points associated with knots visible on curves and likewise the isolines at knot values on surfaces?

Hello - by default, Rhino shows isocurves at knot locations for multi span surfaces, and one mid-span for single span surfaces. Does that help at all?


ConvertToBeziers converts curves and surfaces to single span “Bezier” curves and surfaces. The ends of the Bezer curves will coincide with the knots of multi-span curves, and the edges of the Bezier surfaces will coincide with surface isocurves located at knots.

Thanks for the tip. Indeed useful. I assume this is true for the default isocurve density setting of 1. Lothar

Ideally I would not modify the surface but this is definitely a way to show the segments. Thanks, Lothar

In ConvertToBeziers select DeleteInput No and the original surface will not be modified.

A command for extracting knots from curves and surfaces is needed.

The knot values are listed in the details of an object. It would be nice to have a tool to make them visible (similar to making the control polygon visible or not)

If you run the InsertKnot command on a curve, the knots and control point locations are shown. We generally do not show the knot locations as they are not intuitive to use for shape editing. The control points which are “cooked up” at editing time are more useful.
There also is a Knot object snap.