Visibility icons misplaced ? Wish better for V2


Typically, I keep moving my GH UI to the right side of the screen to see what’s going on in Rhino.
That’s because the tabs and their toolbars stack on the left.
Very often, I realize that the visibility icons are off-range, and have to maximize the GH interface again or move it to access these icons.

I know I should take the habit of minimizing instead of moving, but bad habits die hard…
In general, more flexibility in the placement of UI elements would be nice, including tabs.
For instance, I wish I could meve my 3 “Human” tabs together :
“Human UI”

(David Rutten) #2

I will certainly be adding some features for managing the tabs and panels, something more flexible, adaptive and less sucky than the old layout editor. In fact I’m thinking of supporting textual modifiers, so you could write a file using notepad.exe that reads:

// Merge all human tabs.
Move "Human.*.*" to "HomSap.*.*"
Move "Human UI.*.*" to "HomSap.*.*"
Move "MetaHopper.*.*" to "HomSap.*.*"

// Get rid of the dimensions panel.
Hide "Display.Dimensions.*"

// Move the scroller and the knob to the dropdown only.
Demote "Params.Input.Digit Scroller"
Demote "Params.Input.Control Knob"

// Put the graph mapper on the toolbar.
Promote "Params.Input.Graph Mapper"

// 15 days since the last copyright infringement suit.
Rename "Params.Input.Panel", "Params.Input.Post-It"

And this would just apply to all icons before they get placed onto the tabs.


Some kind of .ini file ?


Note that these can (maybe are by default) be set as shortcut keys:

(David Rutten) #5

Yeah, except it will probably be called *.ghlayout again.