Visibility Error in Worksession

I see an error with visibility in worksession.
I turned off layers of a reference files, but VA objects are not turned off properly in the worksession.
In perspective viewport, it’s still there. In other viewports such as front viewport, it looks like it’s turned off, but actually it’s not. When I turn off finish layer of the slab, edge lines of column at lower level should be shown, but it’s not.

Rhino 7 SR13/ VisualARQ
Visibility Error_Worksession
Columns_Slanted.3dm (2.7 MB)


I could reproduce this error. I’ll let you know when we fix it.

I also see error with print out as well in worksession.

Columns_Slanted_Reference.pdf (3.7 KB)
Columns_Slanted_Worksession.pdf (6.1 KB)

@archist97 we have fixed this issue in VA 2.12.2. You can download an internal version here:

Hi. Francesc

It look like visibility in worksession is not fixed yet.
When I first attach a reference file, turning on and off layers works, but after you edit something in a reference file and update the worksession, it doesn’t work any longer.

I still get errors with print out as well

Visibility Bug_Worksession

Hi, are you running VisualARQ 12.2.2?
In a recent different post (Beam Plan Visibility & Rotation Paramter) you mentioned you were using VisualARQ 12.2.1…
Please confirm you are using the last internal version 12.2.2 I’ve shared.

When I posted “Beam Plan Visibility & Rotation Parameter”, 12.2.1 was used.
I’ve updated to 12.2.2 you’ve shared to check whether the worksession issue was fixed and I still see the bugs in this latest version.

Could you reproduce the bugs in 2.12.2 that I’ve reported?

Hi @archist97 we have released officially a new update of VisualARQ 2.12.4 which fixes a couple of the errors you reported:

  • Duplicated layer hierarchy when a non-active worksession document is updated
  • Objects from your document were not printed correctly in Hidden vector output

See the list of changes here: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12.4 released

Please let me know if you find out any other error.