VisARQ Topography

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I have a problem when exporting/importing IFC format from Revit til Rhino and vice versa.

Is there any VA-object in Rhino for a revit-toposurface?

When I export an ifc from revit to rhino, the toposurface turns into a block, named “IfcSITE…”

And when I export an openpolysurface, (my topography = not planar) from Rhino to Revit, I don’t know what kind of object I should define the polysurface to be. I would like to be able to make it either a floor or another revit family. Is this possible?


Hi Thomas, VisualARQ imports objects tagged as ifcSite but there is no option to export it back as ifcSite.
The ifc types availalbe to tag ojbects are only aimed at “physical” elements and the “ifcSite” is considered a “spatial element” instead in IFC standards. We might add this “ifcSite” category as an option to tag objects in future versions. Meantime you can tag a piece of geoemtry as a “ifcSlab” if you want Revit reads it as a floor.

Hi Fsalla

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I’m not quite sure if I get it right :slight_smile:
Does this mean there is no “physical element” related to a topography in VA? I would like to be able to create my surface (topography) in Rhino, and then import it into revit as a toposurface. Is this possible?

If I try to define it as a floor(ifcSlab) I cannot get the floor to show up in any schedule.
A revit toposurface I can get to show up in a topo-schedule and from there get area and type the CCS classification, for all my different toposurface (e.g. underneath). But revit toposurface is very rigid! :open_mouth:

Toposchedule with classification and area:

Toposurface, split into diffenrent areas:

@Thomas_Oxvig VisualARQ exports the model including an “ifcSite” that is not linked to any geometry specifically. It is just a “spatial” element. VisualARQ only lets you tag objects using a list of ifc Categories for “physical” products.

That’s not possible now. We should add the “ifcSite” type within the list of ifc types available to tag objects with and then you could tag a surface in Rhino as an ifcSite. I’ll let you know when this option or a similar one is available.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I guess in Revit you can’t include “floors” in a schedule that lists toposurfaces.