Virtual hip implantation using Rhino


I would like to know if it is possible to use Rhino in order to virtually place an implant into a hip and then cut the hip using the implant. I would like to use the implanted hip to create a finite element model of the hip-implant construct. For this purpose, I have created an stl mesh for the hip based on a CT image and a NURBS model for the implant. Then, I imported both models into Rhino. However, I was not able to rotate the implant with respect to the bone at the first place. Using the rotate option, Rhino rotates both parts simultaneously. I appreciate if you would help me out with this matter.



Positioning the implant should be no issue. Just be sure only the implant is selected when attempting to move / rotate. You might find using Gumball (you can click it on the status bar, or use the command Gumball to toggle it on and off) useful for positioning the implant.

To then trim the bone, you will need a mesh cutter, so you need to create a mesh copy of your implant to do so.


Thank you Sam. Gumball is indeed useful. I positioned the implant into the hip. About the trimming part, is Rhino able to cut the stl of the bone or I need to do it in a different software?


The geometry from the STL file is a mesh.
There’s several tools to work with meshes that you’ll find if you click on the Mesh Tools tab in Rhino.
Splitting and trimming is definitively possible…