Hi @stevebaer,
I have started the work on Holomark 2 now, and I need to test the system at it’s maximum speed, so could you please add Python support for the “Rhino.ViewSpeedTest ()” ?

Or guide me on the way to propperly write an equally fast test in Python? Now I use this:

class HoloSpin():
    for i in range(100):
        rs.RotateView(strView, 0, 3.6)

But that is 0.5 seconds (on average) slower than TestMaxSpeed.
(My workaround will be to do an empty scene test and withdraw that speed test from the other scores)


I just added ViewSpeedTest to rhinoscriptsyntax. This should be available in SR8

Thanks Steve, no GO HOME and celebrate :wink:

(I am at home with an ill kid, so I am partying with coding Holomark2 and enjoying a beer.)

Happy 2014!!!

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