Hi @stevebaer,
I have started the work on Holomark 2 now, and I need to test the system at it’s maximum speed, so could you please add Python support for the “Rhino.ViewSpeedTest ()” ?

Or guide me on the way to propperly write an equally fast test in Python? Now I use this:

class HoloSpin():
    for i in range(100):
        rs.RotateView(strView, 0, 3.6)

But that is 0.5 seconds (on average) slower than TestMaxSpeed.
(My workaround will be to do an empty scene test and withdraw that speed test from the other scores)


(Steve Baer) #2

I just added ViewSpeedTest to rhinoscriptsyntax. This should be available in SR8


Thanks Steve, no GO HOME and celebrate :wink:

(I am at home with an ill kid, so I am partying with coding Holomark2 and enjoying a beer.)

Happy 2014!!!