Views with User Data

First a wishlist item: In future version of rhino, would it be possible for views to have user data, similar to document user data or object attribute data? It would be very useful to store user data like drawing numbers and revision data on the layout itself which then could be accessed from the text functions panel.

In the mean time, is it possible to expose a create function of RhinoPageView Class in rhinocommon, or give an example of the arguments that the RhinoPageView constructor takes, to manually create a layout which one could then attach some form of user data, or would this cause more issues than its worth?

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Hi @tom.norris23,

You can already attached user text to a detail object. Is this all you really want?

– Dale

Attaching data to the detail object is great for detail object specific data like titles and labels, but it would also be great if the layout page had its own data, like revisions and drawing numbers (different from number of drawings which exists). I just think it would make creating title blocks much easier. This would be especially helpful on pages with multiple details.