Views from Make 2D

Is it possible to group automatically with script the 4 views of make 2d, as 4 different groups?

Actually I only find only “one” output of make 2d which include all views …
So my actual answer is (except doing it manually), to script launch of Make 2D command with actual view option, group output curves, name them and change my point of view each time, and repeat process for each view…

Thank you for your help


you might try running the script below right after Make2d completed and while the 4View result is still selected. I´ve only tested with simple cases. Only run this if you have chosen 4View. Once the script has completed the grouping it prints Ready. (974 Bytes)



Thank you for your file, I understand and it is a smart way to obtain groups.
It will help me actually on 4 views drawing.
Hope that in V6 Make2D will be able to “output” datas of each view more easily