Views Clipped list

From a standard 4-viewport display on one screen, Ctrl-drag the viewport title of the perspective viewport over to screen 2 to make a floating viewport. On screen 1, the perspective view has a clipping plane active and the floating viewport also has this active - as it should. But going into the list of Views Clipped, this new floating viewport does not have a check mark in front of the name.

Hi Wim- got that, thanks.


@wim @pascal
still some issues on this topic:
standard 4 viewports
Save a View as “myClippedView” insert a clippingplane “clipped view” List will show “myClippedView”
set the view in the viewport back to standard-Perspective - the clipping seams to be applied to a viewport, not a view. (rhino 6 mac & pc rhino 7 mac, (pc not tested / not installed))
seams like the clipping-plane is only associated with an index of the viewport, not the view itself ?
either the propertie is wrongly named: “clipped view” is more a “viewport-index”
or it s implementation is not consistent.

i would prefere that the clipping-plane is associated with a view,
thanks / best -tom