Viewports turning dark after setting big texture on material

Hello, I have a problem when assigning a big texture to a mesh. The texture is 9420x9420px 8bit grayscale TIFF (85MB). When I assing it to color texture in object material proprieties the viewports turn dark even in wireframe mode as shown on picture.
The video card is an AMD R9 290X with 4GB Vram and Rhino says max texture size 16384.
Driver is latest from AMD.
Any suggestion?

Does increasing this setting help?

Yes, looks like it works! But I still have the problem that rendered (realtime) viewport appear black. To see the texture I must render the scene with blue ball button.

If the texture has to be that large, can you try converting it to a jpeg instead of the tiff? I’m wondering if the lossless format at this size is too much for the GPU. @jeff may be able to help here too.

Yep the JPEG is good, but for my purposal I need the tiff… or I have to switch between the 2 textures. Anyway knowing that this is an hardware limit is enought for me.
Thank you!