Viewportproperties missing from r6

The command is missing, is there a replacement?

Not on a PC at the moment but is there any specific property you are looking for? When you make a viewport active without having any object selected the properties for that viewport will be in the object properties tab.

The command is not missing in V6, it is just a bit different than in V5. Instead of having its own window, VP is integrated into the Properties panel (it was already in V5 as well). When you type ViewportProperties, if the Properties panel is not open already, it will open. If it is already open and you type ViewportProperties, the panel will switch to the viewport properties section.

The one downside of this integration is that any objects you have selected will deselect when you do this - which is not the case in V5.

Of course, all the individual settings can also be accessed via the -dash version of the command on the command line.

Thanks guys, was using the tab to get around but I just find it odd as I was used to having the dialog popping up… Don’t like not having it, but I’ll get used to it. I model full screen most of the time so pesky tabs is not something I want to access some functionality. I vote for getting the dialog back if anyone cares. Bet there are other full screen modelers out there that would like the dialog.

Maybe make some aliases for your most used functions in that dialog via the -dash version? --Mitch

I’m a full screen modeler. My F3 toggles the properties tab on and off.

Yeah but that’s not ideal Wim, this will shift your viewport and all objects while you toggle the tabs.

Not necessarily - you could have that tab as a floating window over the viewports.