Viewport title color problem

If I run this macro “-_SetActiveViewport “Cam 00” -_NamedView _Restore “Cam 00” Enter” (having a named perspective viewport “Cam 00”) it makes the viewport active - but doesn’t change the viewport title color to blue (indicating that it’s active).


That doesn’t work in Windows V6 either.

I tweaked it to this and it does work in Windows V6:
!-_SetActiveViewport CAM_00 -_NamedView R CAM_00 Enter

In the Mac WIP, -SetActiveViewport isn’t working.

Ok, thanks!


Any news here?


Click on the link to the item.
You can see the status yourself.

Submitted means it’s been submitted to the developer.
Open means the developer has seen it and it is on his to do list.
Next Up means they are close to working on it
In Progress means they are actively working on it
Needs Testing means the work is done and it’s been assigned to a tester.
Needs Doc means the testing was successful and it is ready for documentation

Yes, I checked the link and saw that it’s “open.” I guess I’m just being impatient…


We will get to it but there are bigger problems that are causing issues for larger numbers of people. That’s how they generally determine priorities.

Yeah, I know - this is certainly not a big problem…


SetActiveViewport should now work as expected in the latest RhinoWIP. Please test and make sure. Thanks!

Yes, it seems to work now with the macro in my first post.


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