Viewport tabs "dead"

Hello - try forcing ‘High performance’ on your machine (Nvidia control panel, I believe) and see if the problem goes away…Does that do anything?


I checked my quadro settings. I have power management set to adaptive, system is set to High Performance.
But what I realized. In quadro settings, under global 3D settings, I had Workstation App - Dynamic streaming. This setting was reccomended to me long time ago from McNeel tech support. And there was disabled function “Enable Overlay” by default, which, according to the manual: is responsible, in some apps, for redrawing menus etc. I set this to enabled and testing it now. Will see if how this going to work.

Type “ViewportTabs”, then “Show” , at command line and that’s it,
it happens time to time, IMHO I think this malfunction has something to do when switching some visualization modes and the viewport tab control, but not shure

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This has been happening to me for a while, sometimes several times a day and haven’t been able to find a pattern. I’m working with files ranging from 200 to 600MB, some of them with up to 60 layout tabs. Tabs just die and I only can switch between layout views using Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab, but it just switches to the next drawing, “active” or highlighted tab doesn’t change. I’ve tried all the things you mention in this topic but the only thing that works is to save and restart Rhino