Viewport shading... Wish for V7


Not to pollute the transparency thread more, while we’re sortof on the subject this is my other viewport display request.

Something that comes up all the time is when you have coplanar surfaces with normals facing opposite directions (assuming you’re using a different backface) or if not, when the objects are different colors.

It like can’t decide which object is in front and you get this really scabby looking irregular blend of the two objects.

This comes up often for me when doing like the early stages of metal work where the surfaces will eventually be offset in opposite directions but you’re not at that stage yet.

Just makes the screenshots look kinda crappy.

Any way to like use normal direction or something when rendering the viewport so surfaces facing the camera render completely and occlude surfaces with normals facing away?

Thanks for starting a new thread. I added this to our wishlist at

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@stevebaer i must object if i may… i dont think that this would be a good solution. since “z-fighting” is actually a good indicator of something happening and still needed to be solved. that would make it rather more difficult to distinguish if 2 surfaces are coplanar.

i would suggest a mixture out of both colors or a different color or even a color which can be defined like the backface color setting.

That’s fine; it is just a request and I linked it back to this discussion.

I’d be fine with it as a display mode option that’s not set by default. In my use case it’s not a problem that needs to be solved… I’m fine with how it displays while actualy working on the model… It just looks bad for screenshots in cases when their visual quality matters.

Another related one in terms of being able to send clients screenshots is occluding edges that show through surfaces. I wouldn’t want this on for normal use, but in terms of being able to set up a display mode for screenshots that results in solid-looking polished appearance that make sense visually to a layman:

vs photoshopped