Viewport ready event?

I need to run own conduit as soon as only current doc viewport is ready for viewing stuff - is there any internal event which i can use for that ?? EndOpenDocumentInitialiViewUpdate is almost what i need it only don’t apply when user pick no template and new document handler dont solve viewport readiness for custom conduit handling cause theres still no viewport when this handler fires off. Any ideas?

Besides when i enable conduit at EndOpenDocumentInitialiViewUpdate no other conduit shows up later so something is clearly wrong here. Maybe @nathanletwory you know where i should hook with my custom conduit ?

A conduit isn’t document-based. You could either create a command with which you toggle the Enabled state of your conduit, or if you want it to be always active you enabled it during loading of your plug-in.

If you want your conduit to draw only in a specific view you can check the Viewport property of DrawEventArgs. Otherwise just implement the event handlers you need for your conduit.

Please revisit:

@nathanletwory i found that list i had in postdraw overide was null but rhino didn’t show exception so that was the case i get that conduit isn’t document based but i need clear it when document changes load data or wipe existing if new :wink: Anyway thanks for quick respond and clue about DrawEventArgs :wink: