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Would it be possible in the Viewport Properties window to be able to swap between world and CPlane coordinates for the camera / target info, similar to the status bar?


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@SamPage - Do you mean you want to change the input coordinate system for one viewport and not the others?

Hi @lowell, I’m not sure if I’ve completely comprehended your question, but what I would be interested in is behavior like the status bar feedback. It wouldn’t matter what viewport was active, once the user selected to see or give camera / target info in CPlane or world, the feedback in the viewport properties window would reflect this choice regardless of what viewports was active until the user toggled it.

Does that answer your question, or did I totally miss it?


@sampage - So, the same functionality as in the status bar, but in the viewport properties pane?
What’s the advantage of having it there?
I’m asking because it would be mixing a global setting into a viewport specific dialog, and I’d like to understand why we’d want to do that.


@lowell - I would want it because I often glance over at the viewport properties window to check camera and target height, check if camera and target are roughly lined up, that kind of thing. I often set CPlanes when working a second floor, or an odd orientation, and having the camera feedback pay attention to the active CPlane would make like a bit easier to see at a glance if I have my camera was where I want it. It would also be nice if the units paid attention to the unit distance display setting.


OK, Thanks for explaining

Hi Sam - following Units precision seems like an easy one - ‘just do it’… I can see how the CPlane/World toggle might be useful - I have no idea how hard it is, probably not very… My hesitation would be 1. it’s an extra complication and I wonder if it would be used much at all - no harm in it if few people make the change, but there is the question of priorities & resources as always; 2. I’d think we’d want to make it pretty obvious when the setting is non-default, so you’d know at a glance. Anyway, none of that affects the validity of the wish, I will wishify it… (Did I interpret that one correctly?)



Thanks for taking a look guys.

Just to be clear, not only precision, but also unit display setting, so feet and inches vs. decimal inches.