Viewport projection type/view type Icons

This one is a “quality of life” type wish - I hope not too complicated but might be a visible and helpful change.
I don’t know if it’s more VA thing or general Rhino request - but I feel here it has better chances to have higher priority.

The issue:
Rhino viewports in the tab are showing only names of the views and inside that viewport it could be anything (Perspective, Axsonometry, Parallel view, etc.).
Especially that Viewports in Rhino can be so easily changed from showing one thing to another, they are prone to make a bit of mess of unsorted views in the list with some names.
With architectural work I think most of the time we spend with one big viewport so we use that tab quite a lot. Recognizing type of the viewport with the corner of the eye would be helpful.
Icons are good!

Please add icons to the Viewport tabs showing what kind of view it is: 3D, Plan View, Section, etc.

Rhino: could be anything

Revit: Floor Plan, 3D, Section, Area Plan, Elevation

Archicad: Floor Plan, 3D, Elevation

Of course, there is much more to this topic - maybe easily recognizable colors, maybe a grouping of viewport types, but Icons are good for the start and they shouldn’t be a wasted effort.

Hello @Czaja,

I agree, having icons would be more user-friendly. However, I think this is something Rhino should implement, so this topic should be moved to the corresponding category.