Viewport not resizing

Since installing SR7 today, the viewport size remains unchanged after the docked layer panel has been resized, then if Rhino is minimised and maximised again, the desktop shows through in the gap left from the layer panel width change.

As nobody has reported this, I fully expect the problem to be my old Dell Precision 490 running XP. :frowning: The NVIDIA driver was updated recently.

I’ve rebooted and when opening Rhino in a new file without touching the splash screen, the panel resizing works as expected.
When I open any file, this viewport situation occurs, and I need to close and re-open Rhino to get the viewport sized correctly, any tips will be appreciated … (apart from update your system)

Hi Brian,

I agree that it sounds like a graphics problem it may also have to do with an older version of the Microsoft dot net library. @JohnM, do you think I’m right about that given this OS?

Thanks Brian, this viewport problem has resolved itself after an overnight shutdown…OS update very soon.