Viewport location on a Sheet

What are you doing with the viewports and revisions?

Getting the info on its own isn’t too taxing.

Check/Change revision’s status on a sheets so it is Sheet related. The owner view looks very promising to solve my problem. Thank you so much Japhy!

The view owner/select all those are still slow filters. If you could push the Sheet identity info into the Comments you could avoid long processing times on big projects on each refresh.

Sorry Japhy, you mean put the identity in the grasshopper Canvas or you want to see the Sheet identity?

You can get all the revision clouds pretty easy, the slow down is getting which sheet it’s on. If you added that to the comments you could move a little quicker.

Like this? Feel the sames… I literally don’t understand what do you mean by saying “Comments”, cause I am commenting in this thread.

The comments parameter of Revision Cloud.

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Got it, I see what you mean.