Viewport level display

Is it possible to switch the VisualARQ level lines on and off in a (front, back, left, right) viewport?
Those that are displayed automatically when opening a new file with a VA template.

it says:
"VisualARQ Levels: VisualARQ levels can be displayed individually per Detail viewport."
Ok, but how?

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Hi Eugen,
You can switch the floor elevation marks on/off for all side viewports, but not by viewport individually. To switch them off go to Tools > Options > VisualARQ > and uncheck the box “Show floor marks in elevation views”.

In case of VisualARQ Levels in Detail views, click inside each Detail and turn them on and off from the Level Manager.
At the end of this page there is a video that shows how it works:

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Ok,simple as that… =}
Thanks a lot!
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