Viewport freeze when loading a file


I downloaded the github samples for Rhino Inside and tried the C# eto sample.

Trying to open a file, makes the viewport freeze 9 out of 10 times. Here is the sample file used
OneRectangle.3dm (19.8 KB) .

If I force load the file in the MainForm() constructor, the file is loaded without any problems.
Here is the code :

public MainForm() {
      Title = "Rhino.Inside";
      ClientSize = new Eto.Drawing.Size(400, 400);
      _viewportControl = new Rhino.UI.Controls.ViewportControl();
      Content = _viewportControl;
      var viewMenu = new Eto.Forms.ButtonMenuItem { Text = "&View" };
      Menu = new Eto.Forms.MenuBar()
        Items =
          new Eto.Forms.ButtonMenuItem
            Text = "&File",
            Items =
              new Eto.Forms.ButtonMenuItem(new Eto.Forms.Command((s,e)=>OpenFile())) { Text = "Open..." }
      Rhino.RhinoDoc.Open(@"SiöpleRectqngle.3dm", out bool alreadyOpen);

I came by testing the eto sample because I had the same problem with WPF.
Rhino version : 7.1.20322.15001
Rhino Inside updated to version 0.2.0

Does anyone have an idea of what the root cause might be?

For full disclosure, I am the author of the previous post, as I used the Rhino 6 licence of one colleague to evaluate Rhino 7 WIP. I now keep evaluate Rhino 7 with a trial version.

That being said, I kept digging with no luck.
WPF, Winforms and eto samples cannot load a file.

This post mentioned limitations but without listing any.

What would be the current limitations of integrating the viewport in standalone dotnet application?
(object selection, load files, …)

This github issue illustrates well the issues with viewport control.