Viewport content does not correspond to rendered content

Hello all,

I am new to the forum, I searched for a similar topic but have not seen anything like this:

I have a view set in my viewport, open the render settings and set a resolution making sure the render will have the same view aspect of the viewport.

When the rendered image comes out it is cropped on all sides. Anything that is on the edges of the viewport is not showing because the render is automatically cropping it.

Has anyone had this problem before? Or does anyone know how to solve it?

Thank you.


Hi mattdr,
In render settings, first try setting your resolution to the viewport resolution. Then make your viewport the size/aspect ratio you want and make sure view is taking everything in that you want in the shot. Set you dpi and render.
Are you still getting a cropped render?
Also try turning on safe frame under the rendering tab of document properties.

Hey Carvecream,

Thank you for your help. I actually managed to solve it another way: I found the Vray camera settings were over riding the rhino settings. When I turned the vray physical camera off it rendered what I was seeing in the viewport.

Thanks again.