Viewport Antialiasing broken (resolved)

Hey guys! any idea why this is so pixalated, tried NVidea settings, with no effect. Thanks!

Hi Hannes,

how old are the installed drivers of your K1100M ? To me this looks like the drivers are not loaded properly (NA = Not Available) and the amount of display ram does not match your specs. It should read 2048MB instead of 64MB under texture memory.


It used to be you could rely on the details on the OpenGL page. Unfortunately, nVidia isn’t consistent on how they report the details to Rhino so the page isn’t definitive.
Even nVidia’s own application isn’t reliable.
Only the Driver tab in Properties through the Device Manager seems to be reliable information.

That said, checking for updated drivers by manually going to the nVidia driver page would be my next step.

Hey @clement and @John_Brock Sorry for coming back so late. Strangely Windows set both framed values to off — works fine again! Thanks a lot for brainwork on this! Should always check twice :wink: