Viewpanes rotating by themselves

This problem is mainly noticed in the perspective mode because it can be rotated in 3d.

The problem is that when I’m in the view pane, it automatically starts rotating slowly. If I change the other default viewports and rotate them, this happens as well.

I already reset my computer and that didn’t fix it.

All other programs are working correctly.

Hi Nathan - are you using a 3dConnexion device or similar?


Are you freaking kidding me?! hahahahahahahahahaha! I feel so stupid.

Yes, I have one installed and I use it in some other programs a lot (haven’t really gotten the hang of it in Rhino yet).

As soon as you said that, guess what? I checked to see if something was pushed up on it and yep…

Case closed… thanks!

Man, I feel like a real winner after spending an hour re-installing all my programs and stuff after resetting my PC to fix it. LOL!

(I only knew to ask because I’ve done it…)