Viewing type-parameter option lists?

I’m trying to gain access to the list within a curtainwall’s type parameter, Grid/Layout. In the below script I can read and write the index and only see the human readable form in the tooltip but this is just for one of the options. I don’t see a way to read the other options in that list.

This would be useful when creating a UI for end users and want to give them the options to choose from, as well as just avoiding having to go to the drop down and count out the index of the option.

Hopefully I’m just missing an existing feature.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

2020-04-16 14_44_20-Type Properties

I found something similar when trying to set Mass Levels. I can easily create floors from profiles but there may be other cases where a multi-select checkbox needs to be controllable. One weird thing, it sees the parameter but when I Get the parameter it says it is not defined.