Viewer not showing

Hello fellow ShapeDivers,

could someone please help me explain why my product viewer is not showing?
I’m using Wordpress with the Theme Divi and the Wordpress plugin from ProductLab.
Other themes seem to be functioning properly when embedding my ShapeDiver models, but as soon as I activate the Divi the viewer does not load into the “sdv-container”.

I have set up a demo store just for this purpose, hopefully, this helps or someone could give me a hint about where to look.

Much appreciated!

This problem seems to be specific to the Wordpress plugin you are using. Please contact the plugin developers directly for support.

Hello Valters,

The DIVI theme is rerendering and modifying the DOM content produced by the plugin, and thus the viewer is removed after we initialize it.

The problem is fixed in our latest version.

Thank you for reporting this issue.