I keep forgetting how to set the dimensions of the output. There is an underscore here but don’t remember where…help.

Hi Paul,

try _-ViewCaptureToFile then after the file name has been set using a path or using the browse option, you can define the size from the commandline.


Thanks…yes, just figured it out. I keep forgetting the exact command line.

Seems the size definition is broken. I get the right size but the transparent grey frame is is not accurate. In Brazil with safe frame turned on…the safe frame goes off considerably.

Hi Paul and @Pascal,

just reproduced one related anomaly here using Rhino renderer as current renderengine. If the Save Frame is enabled in a maximized viewport and i capture the viewport using _ViewCaptureToFile, after setting Scale=2 this is the result i got:

I get a 4 Save Frame overlay of my captured viewport. This does not happen if the viewport is not maximized.




Got it, thanks.

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