ViewCaptureToFile JPG quality question

Hi All,

How can I control the JPG compression quality in WIP - right now the captured images over here are very compressed/grainy (looks like level 5) - and I don’t see anywhere an option to change it. Never had such issue in V5.

Also on another small thing for this command - would it be reasonable for the scripted version to remember the last used resolution setting like the UI one does ?

thanks for any pointers.


@rajaa, @jeff - any idea on this?


I can repeat this.

– Dale

This might not have anything to do with compression… What happens if you try saving as a PNG file? That’s a lossless compression, so everything should look fine. If it doesn’t, then there’s a problem with how we’re capturing the image.


@jeff - PNG looks good; JPG definitely look like they have high compression artifacts.



@Jarek do you have a file I can test with? It will be great if you can also share the jpg images from V5 and V6 so I can compare. Thanks.

Setting the quality vs compression depends on the image itself and level of detail, so it is tricky to set automatically. I will set up the capture of JPG to the 99% quality in the next WIP (to match what we have in V5).

Following are three images at different quality/size.

max quality, min compression (56 Kb)

min quality, max compression (7 Kb)

at 90% quality (27 Kb). Notice very high quality, at almost half the size of the 100% quality.

Thanks @raja (and sorry about getting back to you so late).
I think this is a good setting - we can always save as more compressed JPG later on if needed, but there is no other way if the saved file was very compressed. So almost no compression is a very good solution I think. Thanks for fixing it!


This issue has been fixed by increasing JPG quality to 99%. The next WIP will have this fix. Thanks.

RH-41818 is fixed in the latest WIP