Viewcapture problems with clipping planes?

Don’t know if this is a related bug, but I’m getting viewport artifacts in orthographic views on the latest WIP. These are unrelated to any geometry in the file, and do not occur using the same file in v5

That looks like the symptom we see on older Macs with unsupported graphics cards.
Please run the SystemInfo command and post the results in a reply.

It’s a mid-2015 MBP w/ Radeon R9 M370X
SystemInfo report attached.

SystemInfo.txt (10.6 KB)

I believe this is another manifestation of the same problem?

Note some of the green rectangles that disappear when the clipping plane is enabled.

My card isn’t on the unsupported list, is it safe to assume this will be worked out eventually for V6?


Never safe to assume that :wink: But you are doing the right thing by chiming in here. Can you please post a 3dm file where you are seeing this behavior so we can take a look and see if we can reproduce this issue?

Sure - can I send it directly to you so I’m not posting project files?

Use this upload tool:

Use for the recipient email address

Include this URL in the comments:

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Thanks @paul13 and @John_Brock. I will be on vacation for a week or so, so it might be wise to address it to someone else.

Then use

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Sorry, I’d already sent to Dan - do you need me to resend?
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After more experimentation, the disappearing objects does seem to only happen with 2d linework, not 3d surfaces or polysurfaces.
I’m also no longer seeing the triangle gradient artifacts I first reported at the top of the thread.

Thanks @paul13. I see the file. I’ll reply via email.

I wonder if my clipping plane problems are related? also 2015 macbook. but my problems are in perspective view, every time I make one.

This issue looks very similar to the one reported in this topic: Problem with Clipping Plane Rhino 6 Mac BETA

Still happening on the latest build, any progress on this front?