View Ports not refreshing, scroll wheel not working, need to pan to refresh a view port. HELP!

I ram having difficulty with a re-installation of Rhino 4.0. I recently had to have my computer re-formatted due to an unfortunate Windows update and when I re-install Rhino 4.0 which had been working, I developed the following issues:

  1. My mouse wheel which I use to for dynamic scrolling only works until I select any operation in any particular view port. If I pan, or tilt or select an object the scroll wheel no longer works.

  2. When I select an object, I need to manually pan the view port in order for the object to become active (yellow line in the case of curves). I then need to manually pan the other three view ports to have them update. I even have to pan the view port to use the ESC key to deselect an object or operation.

If anyone had any thoughts I would greatly appreciate the help.

I am using an Alienware Laptop with a GeForce GTX 970M video card. I am running Windows 10.

I have re-installed Rhino in Safemode with no luck. I am using the most current Rhino 4 update.

Thank you for your help

Tell us about your system.
What version of Windows 10?, 1709 or 1803?
In Windows Device manager > Display adapters, what are the models and dates for all your display adapters?
What screen resolution are you running?

Hi Ben - what do the settings here look like:

Also, make sure you get the most recent available video driver for your card.


Hi Pascal
Here is a jpg of my setting under OpenGL


Hi John
Thank you for your help. Here are the specs you requested

Sorry. Sent without pic

I set my OpenGL setting to match your picture and it solved the view port refreshing issue. Thank you!

Still can’t scroll using the scroll wheel.