View mode optimizations

I am new to this extremely powerful software, and I have two queries regarding view modes.
I often use the perspective view, but g

  1. Dynamic view target: e.g., currently, the camera rotates around the highlighted object. It would be good to be rotate/move this camera target point from the selected item, to where the camera is facing (either at a fixed or dynamic distance in front of the camera). This toggle between the Camera rotating around a point, or the point rotating around where the camera faces occurs with a key modifier.
  2. zoom selected offset: often, I want to be able to zoom to the selected object so it fills up lik 70% of my screen, not 100%. Is there a way to create a zoom selected offset so that it only fills x%?

Hello - I’m not sure I understsand the first question yet, but for the second one, you can set this (and Zoom Extents) using SetZoomExtentsBorder Try say 1.5 for parallel views (default is 1.1)