View manipulation - simultaneous pan/zoom/rotate

I’m watching the excellent Rhino Essentials video course by Dave Schultze and I notice he performs live view manipulations that look very smooth, natural, and seems involve simultaneously panning, zooming, and rotating, as if moving tangent along some unseen curve. Does anyone know how this is done? I know how to do normal view manipulations independently via either scroll wheel or right click and some keyboard press, but I don’t understand how he’s doing them at the same time. It looks like it would be a very useful way to manipulate models, but he never describes how he’s doing it. Is it a plugin, or some secret keyboard combination, or something else? Pretty sure it’s not “walkabout” mode.

If you have access to the LinkedIn Learning material, you could find an example of this in Rhino 7 Essential Training > 1. The Rhino Interface > Using the Properties Panel > 2:25 timestamp.

I don’t know how Dave Shultze works but simultaneous smooth pan/zoom/rotate in Rhino is easy using a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse. I have been using one for over ten years. SpaceMouse product line by 3Dconnexion


I think you nailed it - I’m watching in a later video and I see he has an item in the main list of Tools>Options that says 3D Connexion SpaceMouse, so that must be it! I guess there’s no shortcut around good hardware for this. Thanks.

Open to any other suggestions folks have for most natural navigation tips.