View degradation during rotation

I found that view degradation during rotation that you can set in view setup(to bbox) and that one that appear it self in a big scene(to wire i guesse) are different and i can say that Bbox degradation option do not make any changes in view rotation speed for me.Is it possible to make geometry to wireframe degradation more fast or even? Now i need to rotate around for some time to get wire degradation effect.
Thank you in advance!
Wire degradation - need this

Bbox degradatiom

notebook - nvidia 1050ti

It’s a bug, you should not be seeing the shaded surfaces, just boxes.
I believe it has been fixed in the latest Service Release.


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Unfortunetly i am using the latest service release candidate 6.151914
Hope it ll be fixed next release.
Thank you!

You are right, the fix will be probably out in the next one… fingers crossed : )