View capture to file image quality

Is there a way that I can improve view capture to file image?
I would like to make a presentation, no need for complicated renders, the viewport is enough,
but problem is that images output are poor quality, and looks bad… Is there a way to improve?
May be there is another way for pictures output?

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Well, you need to be more precise than “poor quality, looks bad”…

Check out the command-line resolution possibilities with -ViewportCaptureToFile (dash version of the command) - you can have a higher resolution than just your current screen size. Outside of that, you can customize the display modes virtually infinitely to get something that you like better visually, maybe also increase the antialias settings in your video driver…


The usual way is to actually render the object with lights, materials, environment using either the built-in renderer or another plug-in…

HTH, --Mitch

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Thank you very much !!

By “poor quality” I mean low resolution.
When I insert the picture to a presentation - it is pixelised.
ViewportCaptureToFile command doesn’t give me any option for manipulating resolution…
What should I do in order to get this option?


Use the dashed version of the command: -ViewportCaptureToFile. Check the command line. --Mitch

What do you mean by “dashed version” ?

This is a very common misconception. What one actually needs is pixel size, not resolution.
The command lets you set pixel size to extends which allow you to cover house facades without visible pixelation. Just use the dash “-” version of the command and set the output size manually.

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Thank you very much Hifred !!

Yes !! This is exactly what I want - to extend pixel size.
But unfortunately I don’t understand how to get there…
When I write ViewportCaptureToFile on command line - no options appears…
only a table is open to choose library, name, and format of the file to save.
Can you please explain me how to do that? What is dashed version?
What do I do wrong?

Type a dash in front of the command name… Maybe read the Help file too.

I succeeded !! Thank you sooo much !!!
now I will try manipulating pixel size, and see what happens

-ViewCaptureToClipboard works for me! Thanks for the tip.

Yeh !! IT Is Great !! Thanks :blush:

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is it possible to capture the specific area? sometimes we don’t want to capture the viewport.

Print with image as the destination would allow for more detailed control on the exact area you want to capture.

Thanks. If I have several images it’s fine. Is there a way to do it in grasshopper?