View Capture or Display Issues with Active Clipping Plane

For an architect, section is an important part of my work, now I am having trouble using the clipping plane and view capturing images. The issues are like below.

1. When the background is transparent, the clipping section edges is transparent in view captured file rather than the color you set.
For example, this is the captured image:

zoom in

And this is the correctly displayed section cut edge:

2. When the background is transparent && there is a lighting set in the display mode you use, the section fill becomes transparent rather than the solid color you set in the display mode.
For example, this is the captured image:

And this is the correctly displayed section fill:

However, when you set the section fill to a material (rather than a solid color), it appears correct in the view capture (note that the section cut edge is still transparent):

3. In all display modes, the solid black (R0, G0, B0) section fill displays and view captures wrong.
For example, the view capture,

And the display,
However, as long as R or G or B has a value larger than 0, the display or view capture is correct.

4. It is a minor display problem. In a “no lighting” lighting scheme, when you select/deselect something, the section cut fills display correctly

when you rotate the view, the section cut fill becomes black .
But view capture is still correct.

Finally I will attach the display modes and the test model, hoping this issue will be addressed.
New2.ini (11.5 KB)
NoLighting.ini (11.8 KB)
ViewCapture&ClippingPlane.3dm (33.8 KB)

Thank you!