View as a cross between shaded and artistic

Hi, Artistic gave shadows and made the design somewhat ‘real’ but its all the same cream colour, but shaded has the objects in their different colours corresponding to the layer colours, I wish Artistic could have the various colours as well so we have the benefit of shadows and colours.

I wish to show someone a more realistic view but it doesnt justify the purchase of flamingo etc.

Any other ways of creating a realistic view ?


In Options>View>DisplayModes, make a copy of Artistic, then in the display mode options for the copy, check “Shade objects”. Your objects will now shade in their assigned display color. Adjust to taste… there are lots of possibilities.

Or, in Shaded mode > Shadows, check the box to “on”. Your Shaded mode will now have shadows. You can also adjust this setting from the Display panel (tab).


got that :smile:

struggling though with strength of shaded surfaces, posted elsewhere.