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I would like to share with you a beginner problem, especially a beginner problem who speaks poor English.
I recently acquired the v8 license, so I am learning certain elements such as Hops, Compute, …

The tutorials in the form of videos have the effect, to caricature, of a Captcha offered to a blind person.

HTML tutorials (which I prefer) can be read at any speed, and translators are quite efficient today.
But they take a long time to edit.

Video tutorials should be in simple sentences and speak slowly.
But I’m not counting the number of tourists who said me: “Parlez doucement, s’il vous plait” (Speak slowly, please) when I already thought I was speaking quietly.

It’s still an accessibility issue and I know there is no quick fix.
If you have the time to edit HTML tutorials that would be great.
Otherwise considered that transmitting information with a video is more limiting.


For my coding streams I am using the literate programming approach. While I talk - a lot - the resulting literate document should be hopefully quite readable. The current plug-in series grows here The resulting code can be found at GitHub - jesterKing/rhics: Literate Programming Rhino C# Plug-ins. repository.

The stream series is at

Is that a method that would help you if applied on other technical topics as well?

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Ah! precisely, I’m on your video “import_3dm # 1”

I didn’t want to point to specific people with links to videos.

But you Nathan I don’t know if you had a sore throat or not but I understood everything !!

Yes it helps, when our understanding is limited we only have the image (the video) as a reference.

I even activate Youtube’s automatic subtitles (in English), it’s quite surprising, the AI understands you better than I do and produces correct sentences.

This can be a good test for you. If the AI produces correct sentences, the language is probably understandable.

For the video tutorials, I don’t see what I could advise you, I don’t see what more you could do.
Except asking Youtube for a “Convert to HTML” button : )

the link is not valid (error 404)

Ah yes, the import_3dm streams. I guess I should get started at converting that add-on also to the literate style so that we get a useful documentation out of it as well. Currently the code is still non-literate written, so there is no useful document to read yet.

The goal at least is to move most if not all of my code to the literate paradigm, so that there is always good documentation as well.

Oops, that should be indeed.

Okay, I can see better.
It must take you a while, but yes, HTML support is the most accessible today.
(Worse than videos, there are PDFs. never do it.)