VIDEO: Make a wing or flipper

Enjoy this fresh new video 'Wing or Flipper?
Can you build a simple and streamlined wing form with three curves? Yes, and the process may surprise you! It did for me. Running time = 08:45.


Thank you for sharing this technique. Michael VS


Glad you like it! Feel free to make suggestions for future videos. I hope to do one every week or two.

FYI : All prior videos are on this Professor 3D page

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This is very well presented, thanks for sharing. I’d just like to add that this Sweep2 method is covered in Rhino Level 1 Training Manual (screenshot below) and that “Drag seem point…” has direct control over seam location even with one cross section curve.


Excellent point… I totally forgot about that seam control, but that is very good to know. Thank you.

Dave, splitting the curve with the Point option in Split might be a good one to show, instead of using the line. Similarly, Ellipse with the Vertical option might save a step.


what’s a flipper?


haha… oh, right…
i missed the animal connection the first time around (thought it was for an airplane wing)


It is so weird that I never noticed that command / option before. I just tried and “NICE!” It can be funny what you miss when you’re self-taught.


Nice work, thanks for sharing…