Viarable spaced perp frames


Hi guys,

I am trying to achieve varaible spaced perp frames, but the count component takes only an integer but not as a factor(which is a list of intergers), which you see in tween curves.

Please help me out!

You can control the location of the plane using PFrame (singular)

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Kaushik LS
Chennai, IN

20210721_SECTIONAL (16.0 KB)

Here’s my algorithm, I have 5 curves which are running as a section so I do not know how to place them with varialble spacing

20210721_SECTIONAL (26.7 KB)

Thanks so much for the response, may be I am not being clear about what I want to do here.

I’ll explain like this using some linear curves.

As you see here, I can control the spacing using graphmapper, I want to achieve this kind of effect with the curve I have along the rail where they are spaced very close at the center and get free towards the ends.

So my question is, is it possible to achieve this effect with the algorithm I shared?

The problem with perp frames component is it takes ‘COUNT’ as a single integer but not as a ‘FACTOR’ which is a list of integers, so I am unable to achieve this effect with the perp frames component.

thank you so much for your time.

20210721_SECTIONAL (23.5 KB)

It seems you didn’t check the gh file I posted…

Will check right now. Thank you.

I believe they are still evenly spaced.

@HS_Kim I am trying to get minimal spacing in the middle portion and regular at the ends

Drip. drip, drip… You could have mentioned this in your first post, along with your GH file.

Apologize for the confusion, I’m but a noob, can’t even articulate my thoughts well without confusing myself. Please help me.

Meditate? Take a long walk?

Yes sir. Will do! But some help with my algorithm, please?

20210721_SECTIONAL (34.3 KB)


If you cannot write well, you cannot think well; if you cannot think well,
others will do your thinking for you.
– Oscar Wilde

But no one can really think for you if we don’t know what you want.


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Yes sir, I respect your wisdom! And its true. I will be clearer from next time.

Thank you so much for your valuable time. I’m sure this will work.
Being stuck really is frustrating and I’ve been on it for hours now, thats why the struggle.

Will post the result once I am done with it. Thank you once again.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time Kim, this definitely is something I didn’t think of, super insightful! Will post the result once I’m done with testing them out.

Please don’t call me sir.

I noticed that the last plane intersection failed so the last extrusion was missing. The reason is that the reference points you are using for Orient are not co-planar with your section curves. In fact, two of the five section curves are not planar!! So I added the yellow group to project both section curves and reference points to the ‘World XY’ plane, which fixes the problem.


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@Joseph_Oster My apologies Joseph. My respect and gratitude. Thank you.