Very slow "UNDO"

I finally managed to replicate the crash. You can see the video with all the steps taken from a newly opened file here: Screen Recording
I also attach the SystemInfo and the image I referenced in the video, in case it has anything to do with it.

SystemInfo.txt (5.6 KB)

I send a file to you using Rhino - Upload to Support - let me know if that illustrates the problem.


Nope - can’t repeat it with that model. I will try to exactly follow the steps in the Mac video…

I have it repeated by following the steps in the video. Fixing now.

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Just try:
Open Rhino 7
make a curve (about 6 points) in top view
select curve with automatic points on
move some point
press Ctrl+Z => here is delay about 2 sec. only for firts “undo” use
every other moves and undo will be normal
If you wanna try again, close Rhino a run new.

RH6 is ok, then there is fail in RH7

Got it - fixed here. Trying to figure out when we can get this build to you.


Amazing, thank you!

was the fix in todays SRC?

No…sorry…I typed in the fix a couple of hours ago.

cool. i’m just happy you finally tracked it down :slight_smile:

i haven’t seen anyone else mention that undo is very slow after running a script.

will the fix help that too? ty

I guess we will see when I get you a fixed build.

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hey andrew, still seeing it here in the latest SRC. :frowning:

From the description, it does not appear that this fix was released with the most recent SRC: Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate Available - #17 by brian

Sorry - yes, it’s not in the release candidate. If you would like a build with the fix, please DM me. But note that there may be other issues with these bleeding edge builds. Otherwise, it will be in 7.6 RC1

7.6 SR1 is expected 13 April 2021?

Any idea when this will be fixed? I’ve had to revert back to Rhino 6 in the meantime because I waste so much time waiting for the undo command to work.

Please try disabling the RPC plug-in. Does that help?

  • Andy

Hello, has this fix been implemented? I’m using Rhino 7 on Windows and still experiencing extremely long “undo” times. I’m on 7.13, currently upgrading to 7.14 and hoping that will resolve the issue. I’ve had to quit and lose a few minutes of work multiple times, since I was being reckless and not saving before pressing Ctrl+Z. I feel like in previous versions I could rely on the undo function to work extremely quickly and may have picked up some bad habits.

No issues that I can see on the latest v7 Mac.